Much of healing work is focused on clearing. This is especially true with spiritual work, in which the focus always seems to be on getting rid of things– trauma, patterns, belief systems, and more.

This is especially true with ancestral healing. Most people who are moderately or seriously into spiritual work or have done a lot of personal cultivation such as meditation understand that they have a lot of emotions and patterns that are not theirs. Beyond family and past life patterns, ancestral patterns are some of the first traumas and large emotions that come up to clear that are not “ours”.

Clearing and healing this stuff is often a really big deal. Life-long patterns of depression, feelings of stagnancy and inability to move forward, financial issues (some of them), and deeply held emotions that are not “ours” – meaning not from our lifetime– are rarely understood or broached in our most external, consensual reality (the one we all agree upon, the one in which modern psychotherapy is in as well). It is just now being “discovered” by many “fringe” science groups that the emotions and experiences of our ancestors can have an effect on us.

Spiritual healers have, of course, known this for many years. The ancestral layer… the one that contains the traumas, the experiences, and the beliefs of our ancestors… is in fact passed down to us. We are rarely conscious of it, and are unable to realize why we are so angry, or grief-stricken, or depressed, or even question why we cannot progress beyond a certain point in our lives, when we have no cause (or have worked through the causes) for the trauma, the emotions, and experiences of our own lifetime.

So clearing of this level is profound, and necessary. This level was extremely profound for me personally, as has all ancestral work been when I began to explore it and work with it slowly and over an extended period of time.

But our ancestors also have gifts for us. This is rarely looked at because there is so much focus and “discovery” about how trauma is passed down that affects us. The gifts and abilities and understandings and wisdom of our ancestors flow through our veins. They are always present with us. We only need to learn how to access them.

When we learn how to work with our ancestors our world transforms. While many of the spiritual guides, deities, and spirits that we encounter may care about us, and our lives, it is often in a sort of expanded, focused on the spirit sort of way. Ancestors deeply care about our lives, about us, and can help us through our external reality in a profound manner. Through the financial worries, the stress of our jobs, our household, and our lives as a whole. They can help us, guide us, and teach us in a profound yet often practical way.

This can help anyone have more ease in their lives. We can also discover what gifts, or traits, flow through our bloodlines from our ancestors. When we have the ability to focus on these gifts we are able to become stronger, and more who we truly and vitally are.

Many people who contact me also have spiritual gifts that run through their ancestry. Most highly sensitive people, or people truly called to spiritual work, have it happen because it is a sort of genetic trait– meaning that other people in your family were sensitive or psychic, or were spiritual workers. Ideally this would be known and cultivated in the family. In most cases it is not, as we have culturally gone through long periods of violence towards anyone who has spiritual gifts, and it simply was likely not safe to work with them or even talk about them in an open manner.

So while ancestral healing and clearing is profound and necessary, so is discovering how to communicate with your ancestors, how to find out and claim the gifts of your ancestry. 

Resolving any large pattern (such as an ancestral pattern) that is creating a lot of chaos and strong emotions can be simple yet profound to do. It creates the ability to let go of things that are not yours and to move forward in your life in a profound manner. It is deeply healing, and often necessary for anyone who is “waking up”. It is a huge layer with often many patterns that have been handed down.

But claiming your ancestral gifts and learning how to communicate with your ancestors is a simple process that is about gaining. Gaining understanding, gaining clarity, gaining wisdom. All you need to do is learn how to communicate properly and safely.

I am able to help people clear their ancestral traumas, patterns, and emotions, as well as learn how to communicate with their ancestors in a simple way, and to learn about the unique gifts and/or traits of their ancestry. If you are interested in an ancestral healing session, or learning how to communicate and work with the gifts of your ancestry, you can contact me. I do sessions worldwide via Skype/phone.

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