(This is a story I have been permitted to share)…

Recently an acquaintance contacted me (friend of a friend) who was convinced that he had been cursed. He is known for being outspoken, and has on occasion, upset people who feasibly could curse someone easily and readily. He had been experiencing a string of bad luck, and could never get his business off the ground, and his health, finances, and family life were all in quite a bad place when he contacted me.

As you might read from my other blogs on curses (such as Am I Cursed? and Advanced Cursing and Curse Removal ) I know through direct experience and my spiritual work that curses are real- they can happen despite you not believing in them, and you can not just not think they are real or think positive thoughts or whatever to make them go away. It is an unfortunate new-age-ing to have a bunch of typically white upper-middle class “spiritual” or “shamanic” practitioners who have never experienced other cultures and are typically ignorant of any actual spiritual path denounce curses as “not real” simply because they don’t know about them and have never met anyone with enough power and knowledge to do one.

I will not go on another rant, you can click on the links for that… but we love to be in control, to think that we are in control, and the idea of cursing (that someone with spiritual power can actually tank your finances, or love life, or health) without your permission is enough to get most new-agers in the deepest level of “love and light” renouncing of such information so they can go back to their comfortable understandings of the world… or would get them into a state of fear or running the other direction from someone who was actually cursed.

The difficulty with this, of course, is that when someone is actually cursed they may spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on practitioners who think this way with no results, or on con artists who sell them overpriced candles to remove curses that don’t do anything.

Yes, you can be cursed. Even if you don’t “believe”, even if you bring in “light”, even if you say you are powerful and mighty and nobody can interfere with your free will. They can. It is just a question if they want to or have reason to. Most people who have the ability to curse will not– they don’t have the time and you are likely not that interesting to them. It takes a bit of effort to curse someone to the extent that something major happens in your life, and most practitioners have no reason to.

I always tell people that the best way to ensure that you will not be cursed is to not be a dick (pardon my language), especially to anyone that has spiritual power or has studied a lot of magic(k).

Unless you are from specific cultures or communities (and even then) you are not likely to ever meet anyone that could actually cast a curse against you. More than that, the spiritual workers who have the ability and know-how to curse other people will generally cloak their work (and will not tell you about it). It is the new practitioners, or practitioners that don’t have much power that run around telling people they are going to curse them.

So, basically, curses are real… but they are somewhat uncommon. Typically a lot more people think they are cursed than are actually cursed by another person. Typically a lot of people have a lot of trauma which has caused their lives to go to hell, or have made bad choices in their lives that need some effort to turn around.

It is often easier to blame the external (something like a curse) than to look internally. Many people are, in fact, disappointed when I tell them they are not cursed. Others will follow my instructions (from getting a full reading with consultation or a separate consultation with me) to remove the curse that they are experiencing and then they contact me and are a bit disappointed that they have to do some mental, financial, or other “mundane”– meaning not spiritual– work to completely release the impact of the curse and to get themselves back on track. Other people actually enjoy the story of being cursed and will, despite readings and being told how to clear it, will not be willing to let it go because they fear moving on with their lives.

But back to the story…

It was easy for this man to believe that because he was spiritual he was special, and that he was being attacked because of his natural spiritual gifts. It can happen, and people with spiritual power will often find themselves in odd spiritual situations because of jealousy, or simply interest on the part of other practitioners who can sense them. But this person wasn’t really that powerful, although he had some natural talent.

What had happened is that he had an ancestral curse. When you have natural spiritual talents, however new they are for you, they tend to run in families– meaning that other people in your family line were likely spiritual practitioners or workers.

And when you are cursed by someone who knows what they are doing it is passed down through the lineage. Although it has nothing to do with you, and may have happened many generations ago, the cursing energy remains and is passed down if it has not been properly cleared by a competent spiritual practitioner.

This can be hard to spot… because you may not think that you are cursed because your entire life has had difficulties in one or more areas. Your entire family line may be suffering due to this type of energy, but because it has been present for so long, and doesn’t present like a “typical” curse (where your health, finances, love life, etc… one or more start going downhill quickly typically from a specific point in time, and one is succession of the other if it is a powerful curse).

This can be felt, however… like a cloud or wall stopping any sort of progress, no matter how hard you try. Again, this cloud or wall can be for a lot of different reasons, but an ancestral curse is one of them.

We worked together and things are turning around for him. It took him a bit of time to let go of the idea of other people in this lifetime being out to get him (they were not, they really had no interest in him, or saw that his life was already difficult and felt sorry for him). He is making forward progress with his finances, with his business, and feels more hopeful overall now that the ancestral curse (or curses, in his instance, meaning that each appointment took care of one curse; three appointments= three curses)

Ancestral curses can be worked with, they can be cleared simply and directly. If you are interested in any of my curse removal work, I require that you purchase a one question reading first to see if you are cursed (even if you have been told by someone else that you are, you can read about that here). We would then do a Phone/Skype appointment to resolve the issue and help heal not only you but your whole ancestral line. You can also read about my ethics here– this is especially important for curse work, where other practitioners may have a vested interest in telling you that you are cursed, or that you can just think positively to clear it.