I have a basic course that goes over considerations for moving on spirits of human and animal origins, as well as how to work with the physical death/dying process, which you can find here, and is a prerequisite for this course.

This course is an advanced course focused on working with beings of non-human origin. It is five weeks and is one-on-one with me via email.

Many of my courses these days are done via Facebook group, where current and former students can ask questions of me as well as learn from their fellow classmates. However, there is some work, such as advanced psychopomp work, which is best done through individual mentoring.

This is a five week course, with the basic trajectory:
Week One: Advanced Cultivation Practices, Working in the Interworlds
To do advanced psychopomp work power must be built, and the psychopomp must know how to properly navigate their own energetic anatomy. The interworlds are planes that are “in between” this world and the next (or between many worlds and their next world). Learn about some of the basic interworlds and how to do work in them.

Week Two: Advanced Clearing and Protection Practices, Working with Death as an ally
Learn how to work work with death beings as an ally in your work. Learning how to properly banish, protect, and defend oneself (even if it is never needed) is an essential skill. Learn about skills such as how to construct a proper sigil, creation of energetic protectors (servitors), as well as magical techniques that you (or others) may use such as spirit traps. Part of being an effective spiritual practitioner is knowing about the magical and spiritual work that others may use against spirits or other living humans, and learning about such things, even if they are not personally used, is an essential skill for any intermediate or advanced spiritual practitioner.

Week Three: Dark Spirit Work Part One
There are many different types of dark spirits– spirits that are seen as difficult, negative, or even evil in nature. Learn about the different types of dark spirits and how to approach working with them with safety. Also discussed is when to refer based on psychiatric need, as well as considerations for when to take on dark spirit work as a beginning (or advanced) psychopomp (or more clearly, how to understand when work may be something you may not wish to take on)

Week Four: Dark Spirit Part Two and ET’s
Dark Spirit work is continued, including more complex scenarios, as well as working with dark spirits as allies. Working with ET’s and the various ways they may come into contact and interact with humans, as well as how to work with them, finishes up week four.

Week Five: Elementals, Land work, Ley Lines, and Trauma Loops
Many clients may be traumatized by their experiences with various non-human energies, or their trauma may have coincided or had something to do with their spiritual experiences. Learn how to work with “trauma loops” to help clients move on from the mental aspects of their experiences (basically, how to move on from their experiences). Working with the varying types of elementals, and an introduction to land work and ley lines then finish up the course

As you can see, this is a full curriculum intended for the serious spiritual student and/or practitioner. As you can also likely see, I am not a “love and light”-er– my work is practical and focused on what people truly need to know how to do this work. When I learned psychopomp work through other methods there was no focus on the “dark” aspect of things (even though we were talking about a dark subject, most teachers, and sadly students of “dark” or “earth” work oddly refuse to discuss anything “dark”).

My perspective, and that of teachers that I found later, is an “even-handed” approach, which means actually understanding beings, energies, and spiritual paths (as well as spiritual methods) in a non-puritanical way, meaning that it is pragmatic, based in direct experience, and focused on balance rather than religious dogma, fear, or thoughts of “turning everything into light”.

Spirits and beings are complex. Spiritual subjects, such as psychopomp work, are complex. If we are to truly work with them we must not only cultivate ourselves, know how to build power and learn ways to keep oneself safe, but also to move beyond our own cosmologies in doing this type of work.

This work is advanced, and not for everyone. I used to do one long course (this course and the basic combined) but I have separated them because I found that some people just wanted basic and intermediate skills for working with former humans, and they were not drawn to (or were not ready for) this type of work. The prerequisite for this course is the basic psychopomp course with me (I teach much differently than other psychopomp teachers, so even if you have had a basic psychopomp course somewhere, you are required to take the Five Week Basic Psychopomp Course first). This course is taught on an individual basis with open enrollment (basically you contact me when you are ready and we can look at if you are a good fit for the course and when I have an opening in my schedule to take you on). This course is $170 U.S.

With any questions you can contact me