In the past I have talked about one of the basic services that I offer– resolving past life issues.

You can read the blog about past lives and why they may need to be healed here

Basically, in a Spiritual Healing session, someone may come to me with an idea that they have a past life issue or trauma that they would like to resolve, or they may have no idea what is going on with themselves. Typically people come to spiritual healing work when they have kind of been through the gamut of counselors and associated health providers, both allopathic and holistic, and their issue remains unresolved; the person is then more likely to want to look at things in another way (through a spiritual lens) or they may have simply exhausted their other options… or they may realize that whatever they are experiencing that there is no reason for them to experience that type of fear, pain, or difficulty due to their own experiences of this world.

It is important to realize that when someone comes to me they don’t have to know that they are having past life issues (or ancestral issues, or be in need of spirit release, and so forth). Sometimes people do, and that is wonderful. But even those people may be surprised at what comes up in a session. I will say that personally I don’t care if the energy that emerges in the session is past life, ancestral, cultural, from another person, or from your own lifetime: the focus of my sessions is always on working with whatever energies emerge with compassion and clarity so you can resolve them. All I need from you during a Spiritual Healing session is to be willing and able to look at patterns that may emerge, wherever they may come from, so you can get the best healing session possible, and heal as much as you are ready to.

I will say that some Past Life work I find a bit melodramatic and sensationalistic. I have no interest in telling you that you were Cleopatra in a past life. The focus of all of my spiritual healing work is to allow for you to clear, heal, and resolve imbalances (emotions and energies) in a spiritual manner…. and for you to move forward in a freer, healthier, and more functional manner in your life.

All of that being said, I would like to talk about some more complex past life issues that I work with.

As the more basic blog states, sometimes past life resolution is somewhat simple. Someone didn’t die well, or had trauma or difficulties or a disease process that was not energetically or emotionally resolved at the time of death, so that energy lingers. By resolving whatever happened to this individual, the energy and emotions from that past incarnation can clear.

I have seen some profound results from doing this type of simple past life work– heavy emotions and even physical pains lessening or even releasing completely.

However, in complex past life issues there may be more than one inter-related linking issue. By this sometimes when a past incarnation doesn’t heal, this energy is passed down, and passed down, and passed down again. Think of this as a series of those old paper dolls that would be cut out of paper with their hands joining– with the original creator on one end (the person who an original trauma happened to) and you on the other. There may be one, two, ten, or fifty “paper dolls” in between you.

Or you can think of this as a long rope– on one end is the knot that was originally formed due to difficult emotions, trauma, and so forth… with a series of knots in the rope going all the way to you.

These are obviously difficult things to talk about, and to get across clearly, so I will use a (somewhat) simple example. Say in a past life you lived in a country in which war broke out and you were starving. The emotions of fear and anger built up inside you. These energies were never healed, and were passed down to the next past life. This person was wealthy, but they hoarded their money and never enjoyed it because of this fear passed down from the original past life. Then in the next life this person had difficulty feeding their family and had a lot of scarcity and felt a lot of anger about their situation because they were well educated but could never seem to get ahead (partially if not fully because of this original energy).

And now you are you… in this current lifetime… and no matter what you do you cannot save money. You have a full pantry with any type of food you want and you still fear running out. You have a lot of anger and fear about “lack”, and while you do not technically “lack”– you and your children have enough (maybe not enough for extras, but you have food in your bellies), there is still this sense of fear here.

So I will give my typical caveat when talking about money, since I used it as an example. A fair amount of people who are looking for spiritual answers for things such as money need to look at the “mundane”– either first, or even instead of the spiritual. By this I mean that if you do not know how to properly balance a budget, that is the place to start. If you are having physical or mental issues that are causing you to not be able to find work, those need to be looked at either in conjunction with or instead of more esoteric spiritual causes.

By this I also mean that we can heal the past life energy (energies) which will have an impact, but if someone is not willing to take personal responsibility in this world for their experiences of that energy, they are still going to have blockages energetically and emotionally.

I will explain this further because it is an important point…

So I will return to the “originator”– the person whose experiences in their lifetime created this energy. When the next person experienced it, they had that energy plus their own experiences and emotions with that energy. I know I am mixing analogies, but think of this as a small snowball rolling down a hill– each lifetime it will pick up more “snow”: snow that may have different qualities (different energies and emotions based on the experiencer and their lifetime).

To get even more complex, the snowball may completely switch course, and start rolling down a different hill. By this I mean that the energy started by being about fear and lack and anger, but one of the lifetimes added on grief, as well as perhaps the energy of a robbery because they felt like they needed to steal from others… so now we have violence added on to this “snowball”, and a feeling of needing to take from others.

So to heal this the “originator” needs to be healed through spiritual work, as well as all of the other knots (or paper dolls, or layers of snowball). Those other knots/dolls/snowball layers are best healed through working as far back and going as far back the chain as possible. This is because a lot more energy and emotions can be released if there is understanding and healing with how it started. If we start in the middle of a story, there will be more confusion, and you are likely to walk away with some or a lot of that energy remaining.

So I do realize all of this sounds a bit complicated, and I could introduce topics like karma (non new-age concept of karma, I mean), karmic connections, or even more complications into this… as these energies can twist and change. But these energies can also untwist and heal and resolve.

The start and end of a past life healing session always has to do with you (you, in your current incarnation, just for clarity). With your body, with what you are experiencing (what emotions, what sensations in your body). That is how we start our exploration. If a past life energy comes up, we work with it, however much you are ready for and however far back you are ready to go. Sometimes we just need to explore one lifetime, and sometimes there are twists and turns and a giant snowball to take care of. Either way I am a patient guide who simply wants for people to experience more freedom in their lives, and to experience less chaos, and more peace.

To end past life work we also end with the body. It is easy to sort of go into a mode of “blaming” past life energies for everything. But you have taken on that energy and have had your own experiences of it. By providing healing and releasing energies from you, and your current body, it will allow for you to understand how you have reacted to an energy being passed down to you like this, as well as can provide you some insight, or “homework” as I like to call it, for you to take action in your world to fully resolve this energy. This taking action in your own world, once this energy begins clearing (integration and healing of this type of work can take quite a bit of time, but is generally gentle, especially after the first few days after the session), allows for you to “reformulate your world”– or basically, to integrate this energy and learn how to operate in the world without it.

As a side note, I occasionally get asked what sort of healing is best, or what I have found most effective in my personal path… basically I think this question is something like “what has allowed for me to transcend the most amount of ‘stuff’ that has been blocking me” (not like I don’t still have stuff to work on, by the way), but my answer would be past life healing, ancestral healing, and inner child (including in utero) work. These three, both individually and together, have made drastic changes in my world and allowed for healing on a level that I never thought possible.

As a last side note, I will say that when someone schedules with me although they may have an interest in a specific “technique” such as past life healing, I prefer to keep things open. By this I mean I ask that you come to me with a specific topic in mind, such as working with fear, or digestive issues, or feelings of being stuck, but that you remain open enough to explore whatever comes up– which provides the best and most effective healing for you during the session.

If you had interest in scheduling, or wanted to see if we would be a good fit to work together, you can contact me here, or read about spiritual healing session basic info here