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The Victim Triangle: Working with the Energies of Victimhood and Manipulation

One of the more helpful psychological models on my journey was that of The Victim Triangle. In other forms it is also called The Drama Triangle or Karpman’s Drama Triangle, based on the initial description/realizations by transactional therapist Stephen Karpman.

Initially it was used to describe how unhappy or dysfunctional families interact. In the triangle there are three roles: victim, enabler, and persecutor. (or in the initial model victim, rescuer, and persecutor). Without going into the whole theory (which you may already know or can google) the idea is that in a family, or relationship, we typically have one person that takes on one of these roles, and in reaction the other person becomes another. For example, if the wife is taking on the victim role, the husband will take on the role of rescuer.

But this can get complicated, as we are typically not just one-sided. The husband may be sick of rescuing and move into a persecutor role, where he explodes and tells his wife to get over something. The wife may be tired of being a victim, or perceived as one, and move into the persecutor role.

In this model, even dysfunctional relationships between partners and families are shown as fluid– moving from one role to the next in the triangle. There are tendencies (of one person being the enabler or rescuer in the relationship, for example) but the model shows each of us as complex individuals that are multi-faceted and who will shift roles, basically creating drama in our familial relationships.

As a funny side note, this is a model that is taught in many Psych 101 type classes. Recently I was listening to a podcast where the “shaman” referred to this as the “shamanic triangle of empowerment” or something like that. It made me giggle, as it was yet another model that was created by psychotherapeutic constructs and then placed over something “shamanic” as if it were an ancient thought, not something created in the 1960’s, and the basic tool of transactional analysis taught to most first year undergrad students.

And it really doesn’t have much to do with anything spiritual. It is a solidly helpful, I would say essential for many of us, model in which we can examine our reactions, emotions, and relationships with others. By looking at this model we can understand who people are and the roles they are placing us in. If we do not reconcile our emotions, our thoughts, and our relationships, we cannot fully allow ourselves to be immersed or see with clarity anything beyond that. Like doing spiritual work. I will get into the different “layers” at some point, but the spiritual is generally our outer layer (this is very simplistic) and then we have emotional and mental layers, energetic layers, and then our physical body. If we have unclear or lingering emotions, stagnant thought processes, etc. we cannot see or work with the spiritual layers clearly. They are covered and filtered through all of the emotional and mental “gunk” we have left.

As a spiritual practitioner, and as a person navigating the world I have found this model to be really helpful.

What this model has helped me do is to truly understand where people are coming from, to stop reacting to the roles they want to place me in, and more importantly, to have boundaries based on clarity. We tend to react to most things in this world emotionally, and really understanding this model simply stops it.

Although this model looks at dysfunctional familial relationships, I have found it helpful for pretty much any interaction that I have, or have had.

For example, I get a lot of emails from people. At this point probably around 200-300 a week. 95 percent of these are respectful, professional, interesting, lovely, etc. Then some of these emails are from people who will send me a three page single spaced email about their difficulties and then say that they need work done, that they have no money, and want it done today. They will then try to manipulate me into feeling sorry for them based on comparisons (see below) and do everything they can to try to control me or break down or test my boundaries- everything from trying to create a different type of appointment for them, to telling me that I should help them because they need or are entitled to help and are suffering, and I clearly am not, so I should do what they want. If I do work with them, even if their entire situation has changed, they will still write me back and tell me how much they are a victim of their own lives. They could have 100 percent turnaround, and still say that nothing worked. We will go into why this is. I used to, at the beginning of my career, get grouchy about this. Now, I simply understand where they are coming from and erect the appropriate boundaries.

Once you have the skills to realize that this issue has very little to do with you, and to fully recognize it, you no longer react to it, and no longer give this type of person the energy, role-casting, or emotional response they want.

For clarity, I love my clients, and wish them all well (even the ones attempting to manipulate or control me), but anyone healthy would see that this is not the way to go about life, and can likely imagine how destructive it must be in their day-to-day reality to act like they do. And for further clarity, a lot of people contact me when they are at their worst, and I feel so much compassion for people who have likely gone to ten other spiritual practitioners by the time they found me and are still dealing with something (likely because the other spiritual practitioners are actually doing psychological/mental/thoughtform work and not spiritual work, but I digress).

So let us talk about some brutal realities here. This victim triangle refers to the victim, and essentially to the reactions the rest of us have to said victim. I do not find this model as fluid as is suggested. I find that victims solidly place themselves in the victim role in order to manipulate their reality. 

And when you are not their rescuer or enabler they will either put you in the role of persecutor (very common) or they will stop enacting this triangle with you.

What does this mean? We all have difficulties in our lives, but some of us have fully taken on the mantle of victimhood. No matter what happens to them they are the victim in the situation.

This person will try to manipulate. They will use language, mannerisms, and ways of being to engage you into rescuing them, into enabling them. This may be a retelling of all of their misery in order to “hook” you in. It may be a comparison, saying that you “have it better” or that “you don’t know how it feels”. What the victim says and does is manipulate. They do this to reel you in, and to get you to engage in this triangle of victimhood.

This may also be purely energetic. It is likely the “victim” doesn’t realize that they are in this role, and that they do not realize that in their despair and illusion they are casting out energetic tethers to connect to anyone or anything that is willing to show them compassion or to assist them in their perceived victimhood. They do this to literally “suck” energy from the people around them. 

Many of us are sensitive enough to feel this– the feelings of fatigue or being drained after interacting with someone in this role.

But if you have strong boundaries or are aware of what they are doing, the “victim” will react. If they are not able to emotionally, energetically, or physically manipulate you to do what they want… or to drain your energy they are going to do one of two things.

1. Place you in the role of persecutor. Suddenly, it is all your fault. Everything you have done for them is not enough. They are the same, nothing has changed, they are still the victim in need of rescue. You are even the cause of all of their misery, or some of it. You are a horrible, awful person for not doing or being what they want.

Simply, the victim will lash out in hopes of engaging you through their rage, through their misery, through their perceived victimhood. It is much easier for things to be someone else’s’ fault.

2. They will stop this triangle interaction. Some people, when you put up strong boundaries, when you do not allow for them to suck you dry energetically or emotionally, and when you refuse to take on the role of persecutor or enabler/rescuer will simply stop this interaction. They will begin to listen to you, interact with you in a healthier way, and may even become healthier themselves.

Or, they will simply realize you will not participate in this any more, and will move on to someone who will.

When someone is the eternal victim they refuse to take any sort of responsibility for their actions or their lives. It is just too painful for them. They are like a massive black hole inside, desperately trying to suck in other people.

While I do suggest compassion for them (as I do with pretty much everyone) there is a difference between compassion and allowing yourself to be manipulated by these people. There is a difference between allowing someone to take your energy, or cause you to feel bad, or cause you to go into rescue or enable mode.

By recognizing this model and by recognizing how a victim acts, you can simply stop this cycle. For total clarity, I am not suggesting that you dismiss people who have been victimized. If someone gets mugged, raped, harmed, or is having a difficult time in their lives you can, and should, depending on your own energy and abilities, help them. We all need help sometimes, and offering a helping hand is wonderful.

This is different. The eternal victim, no matter what happens in their lives, will always be a victim. They could win a million dollars and will call you up to complain about how the government is victimizing them by taking away 250,000 (or whatever) for taxes. They are the people constantly in this mode, swimming around like sharks, looking for how they can manipulate others to get what they want.

After you recognize that they are in this mode, set boundaries. Tell yourself that you are not stepping into any of these modes. Check yourself energetically– are they trying to stick an energetic cord or tether onto you? This may sound strange, but we all have had the experience of coming away from people exhausted. If you catch this and simply say “no” and picture yourself flicking away or in some way removing their tether to you, you can stop this. Chances are they will move on to someone else that they can drain.

Most of all, realize that you are not the persecutor. Even if they try to make you feel bad. This is simply what they do to try to reel you in. Realize that people like this, in permanent victim mode, are unable to look at their own lives and take personal responsibility. Realize that they are like empty space or black holes, looking for anything or anyone to fill them up. They will blame you, may even hate you, for creating boundaries with them. Some may in fact get healthier because you acknowledge and are unwilling to participate in this triangle with them.

When we realize that they are creating this role, this illusion of victimhood to try to manipulate you, it is easy to have compassion for them. With boundaries. Meaning that realizing how difficult it must be for them to always be a victim. It must be incredibly difficult for them to cast themselves in that role, and to have the whole world be either out to get them, or to be simply people to be manipulated to get what they want.

When you realize this, you can stop reacting emotionally to them. You can stop stepping into the roles that they want you to. You can recognize the manipulation, the anger, the black hole inside of them as simply something they are dealing with. Hopefully some day they will turn inward and recognize that they are not, in fact, the victim, and you can be there as a support. But until then, you can stop this cycle, and stop the entirety of the drama, the plays that this person/”victim” is trying to create to show again and again how much, indeed, they are a victim.

The world is truly a stage, and some people, like the eternal victim, create a lot of chaos out of their illusions, fears, and anger. They cast the play based off of who gives them what they want– sympathy, energy, drama, chaos, and the chance again and again to show that they are, indeed, the tragic victim. You do not need to sign up for a leading role in their play.

Discernment of Spiritual Energies: Tools for Psychics and Sensitives

One of the biggest teaching segments that I do for people who are in my email programs is how to discern energies. This is an important topic that is rarely covered by others.

The truth is that the spiritual is all around us. Energies, spirits, beings, energetic fields, emotions, thoughtforms… and much more

Most of us can only see very little of what is around us. We call what most people see “reality” in that a large percentage of us will agree about such things. Yes, there is a chair in the corner of the room. Yes, that movie starred Hugh Jackman. We think of these things as concrete, and quite frankly we think of these things as being the only things there.

People get in huge disagreements about this. It is the whole debate between “science” and holistic medicines, where science seeks to reduce things down to concrete reality and what we currently know to be true through the mainstream current thought patterns and observable phenomena by people interested only in the concrete… and others who acknowledge that there are energies and spirits and all sorts of things we cannot observe or understand.

Interestingly, such fields as Acupuncture, as they become more popular, are finding themselves with a lot of “concrete” and linear types of thinkers who want to re-create Acupuncture to be about neuromuscular junctions and things that are acceptable by modern, “concrete” thinkers. While this does help programs such as Acupuncture programs in hospitals for cancer children (which I love and totally support) it has rendered the medicine of Acupuncture to be more and more ineffective, with practitioners that cannot cultivate qi (which is the heart of the medicine and how it works) for the life of them.

But the ability to see or sense the things around us is a bit of a bell curve. Before the bell curve goes for its swoop upward are the people who only will notice things that are physical, and will often refuse to sense or see anything else. These people will negate emotions, feeling states, or anything non-physical or accepted by pretty much everyone around them.

We then have the entirety of the curve. As the curve goes up to its apex is where most people generally are. Some are able to sense emotions, feelings, and so forth. Some of these people are mildly sensitive to spiritual stimuli– meaning that when the previous categories may notice five things in a room, they may notice five things in that room, an emotion, and a sense that the house they are in is dark, or something bad might have happened there. As the curve goes downward we get people that are more and more sensitive… who are more and more able to receive, understand, sense, and see spiritual stimuli. As the curve goes flat again we get the highly sensitive person, who is typically so inundated with stimuli coming from all sources– physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual– that it is difficult for them to function. 

I typically work with people on the other side of that bell curve– who are having difficulty with how much they sense, see, or feel that is not considered “concrete” reality.

But because so many people, and the vast majority of the population is on that other side of the bell curve, proper discernment of energy and spirits is never taught.

Because so much of the “spiritual” community is intended for the aspirational type, the ones who want to become more sensitive, and generally wouldn’t know something spiritual or energetic if it was doing the hokey-pokey in front of them in a bar, the general teaching is that spiritual work is safe (I won’t go on another rant, but you can read this blog if you want it) and that anything spiritual that you are able to see, sense, taste, hear (you get my point) is intended for you and is there for you. 

This is simply not true. The spiritual is all around us– our world has many, many energies, beings, spirits, emotions, thoughts, and so forth that interweave and live side by side with our world. You just don’t notice them. 

So realizing that as a sensitive (I tend to use this word more than psychic, because like the word Shaman it tends to bring negative connotations in outer culture and the aspirational community) that you are simply noticing more that is right in front of you is an important realization. 

The spiritual is not somewhere else. It is not separate. It is right here. It is in front of you, doing the hokey-pokey.

As a sensitive, if you are able to reconcile the above realization you will come to understand that, much like what we consider “concrete reality” we may not want to trust everything that we see or sense. Simply because something comes up to us and says that they are our guide doesn’t make it so, for example. I would liken this to someone coming up to you in a bar and telling you that they are an investment banker who has a BMW. Just because they say it doesn’t make it true.

We are under the false illusion that the spiritual is safe, that it is here to help us, that if we just think positively or imagine white light or sage our homes that we are safe doing whatever and interacting with whatever in the spiritual realms. But for those of us who are sensitive, this simply isn’t true.

I do not intend to strike a chord of fear. It really isn’t my intent. My purpose is to get you to truly think about what you are interacting with if you are sensitive. It may be the most loving guide that is full of wisdom and intended just for you to help you along your spiritual path. It may also be a former human who you probably shouldn’t be taking advice from. You wouldn’t let a stranger into your home, and you wouldn’t believe a guy or girl who comes up to you at a coffee shop telling you that they can make you famous. The same considerations apply to the spirit world. 

It is typical for the highly sensitive (that person on the end or on the flat part of the end of that bell curve) are so inundated with spiritual stimuli, and are in such a cycle of overwhelm, that they cannot discern anything at all. Having a vision to anyone who does not have them sounds interesting. Having thirty thousand visions at the same time is not. Sensing more than other people do sounds wonderful. But when the “normal” person can sense or see twenty things in a room and you sense 20,000 it goes from simply being sensitive to an emergency situation. When someone is highly mediumistic, for example, and closes their eyes to see many people waving their hands at them for help it is not interesting. It interferes with your life and ability to function.

At some point on this spectrum things get physical. Headaches, digestive issues, sleep issues, bad dreams, nosebleeds, and constant feelings of being on edge or being watched. Constant and debilitating fatigue, autoimmune issues, migraines, and pain are the most common issues that highly sensitive people face. But there are also the feelings of intense emotions (that may or may not be yours) as well as the fluctuating nature of have the “highs” of large influxes of energy and then the “lows” of crashes after spiritual experiences. All of this I will get into in another blog soon.

But for the highly sensitive person (or even the moderately sensitive person) we really are only able physiologically to process so much energy at a time. And most of us are not “clear” or even close to it so the energy gets stuck in our bodies. Most people who are sensitive (either moderately or highly) have learned how to subconsciously shield, or have had horrible advice about creating shields, thoughtforms, or “sealing the aura” from authors and teachers. Unfortunately this is created out of your own energy, typically, adding to the fatigue. This also creates a mechanism where more energy gets stuck within you, creating more physical and emotional problems. We are intended to have proper flow in and out of our bodies of energy. Adding more obstructions, shields, or “seals” is not the solution to this. It just creates more issues.

So what is the solution? 

1. Discernment of energies. When we know enough about what we are sensing we can start to create a sort of file cabinet psychically. We can begin to categorize and release energy and stimuli at the level in needs to be, and in the way it needs to release.

This work is typically not taught because, quite frankly, most of us are not highly sensitive. But for even moderately sensitive people discernment of energies is needed. You need to know if the guy at the bar who is telling you about his stock portfolio and how he rescues kittens from sewers on the weekends actually does those things. You also need to know if the “guy” at the bar is actually a guy– or is a former human, being, energy, or something else entirely.

Many sensitive people need to learn what is theirs, and what is not in terms of energetics and emotions. Learning who you are and taking control of your physical body will significantly decrease physical, emotional, and even spiritual issues.

These are all skills that can be taught.

What else is needed? Proper safety and precautions for interacting with the spiritual world. A spiritual bouncer, or energy that can create a layer of protection for you. Real, trustworthy guides and energies that can assist you that have been thoroughly vetted and you know how to work with properly.

Any sensitive needs to properly know how to clear their home and how to protect their home and themselves. Sensitives have a tendency to attract all sorts of energies to them. Some of these energies wish to attach themselves to our energy field or physical bodies for assistance of some sort, or more typically, for our energy. A proper, strong routine of clearing, banishing, and protection is needed for any highly sensitive person. Most of the materials that are out there commonly (sage, for example) are actually pretty weak. There are much stronger tools out there, and for someone who is highly or moderately sensitive, a spiritual bathing routine can be literally life-changing and life-saving.

Beyond that, you need to be educated about the different types of energies and how to work with them. So discernment, but also learning tools for how to understand, work with, or clear different types of energies. There are a lot of different types of energies, beings, and spirits out there. They all can be properly understood and worked with. Some people do not want to work with them, but even these people need to understand what surrounds them so they can react appropriately and effectively.

We are surrounded by stimuli of all types. Most of us only notice a very small fraction of what is around us. Some of us notice a slightly larger fraction. And for those people, it can be overwhelming. For those people, it can lead to very real physical, emotional, and spiritual issues that nobody really talks about or knows how to help with. We think of the spiritual realms as being separate, and if anything comes our way it is intended for us. It is not. Most of what the highly sensitive person notices is just energy, spirits, and other things that are simply present in the environment. Proper discernment and the learning of proper tools can help the sensitive person who simply notices more of the world than others to be functional, happy, healthy, to understand what is going on, and to be safe and in control of their own body. If you are interested in learning these tools, you can contact me. I would be happy to look at your situation to see if I can be of assistance. You can read more about my ethics here.

Dangers of Soul Retrieval part two

In this earlier blog I gave a few case studies of people who have come to me after soul retrievals went wrong. You can read this blog here…

I have gotten feedback from this, some straight towards me via email (my preferred method) or through the grapevine (energetic or through email) via gossip. I always find it funny how passive-aggressive, generally back-biting, gossiping, and negative “white lighter” types can be, or the “core” shamanic types who get threatened by anything that is already not in their wheelhouse, so to speak. Although this is certainly another blog in and of itself, when we are not truthful with ourselves about our emotions and our core self… when we are pretending to be all about positivity and white light… we generally ignore and have our negativity “brew” inside of us.  It is rare that the types of people who want to think only of positivity and react negatively to anything (meaning any thought or realization) that was not given to them by others and fits into their own preconceptions and limitations that they impose on the universe lead happy, meaningful lives. Because they do not live up to their own standards. And it is rare that they are effective or powerful practitioners.

But that is not my battle. People can gossip, spread hate under the guise of being a “lightworker” or “shaman” while putting on a face of positivity all they want. They can pretend to play in the spiritual realms all they want. It is rare for anyone to be able to critically think instead of spouting off new-age gobbledygook or outright dismissing someone because they view them to be “negative” or “angry”. Most of us lead lives that are on repeat– repeating the same loop of thoughts, behaviors, and understandings. And anything outside of that is threatening and the person will recoil or attack, depending on their personality to defend their zombie-like existence.

For the record, I have no issue with any of these people, nor am I angry at them. They simply are who they are and will continue to be that way. I love and appreciate anyone who can critically think and respond thoughtfully to anything that I write (even if they disagree with me… actually especially if they disagree with me. I love engaging in conversation with thoughtful, balanced people). Unfortunately, that is not what happens. Unfortunately, what happens is that I get a bunch of core shamans and new-agers throwing extremely negative thoughtforms at me, unable to recognize that someone who actually does spiritual work can recognize this sort of energy and track it in about three seconds flat. Unable to recognize the irony of the fact that they dislike me or my work because it is not really “light” and their activities and the core of their being is anything but the light mask they put on. I don’t do anything with this energy by the way, other than simply deflect it. It is not worth my time, and generally I can see that these types are mired in illusion and have enough difficulty in their lives, although it is of interest simply as a pattern of how these types operate and will do anything rather than look inside or actually think about anything in their lives.

But the world will always be filled with falsehood, illusions, greed, envy, and surface level understandings.The world is always filled with people who are zombies– simply repeating what is given to them without thought. It is where most people are at, and I have compassion for them. I really do. Most of them are really suffering and will lead rather meaningless lives, constantly on repeat without really going beyond the surface illusions and limitations they have created for themselves. My writing is not aimed for them– it is for the person who actually wants to think on a deeper level. But unfortunately, some of these people become spiritual workers (“shamans”, “shamanic practitioners”) and take on clients. And when something goes wrong, they blame the client. 

It is enough of a pattern that I need to unfortunately speak about it. I wish that soul retrieval were safe, simple, and filled with the white light of love and light that people think it is. But something cannot be powerful and safe at the same time. Any method of powerful healing is going to have effects. Even if you treat soul retrieval as simply a psychological mechanism (which most shamanism actually is these days instead of actually being spiritual, because most people cannot see beyond the mental realms) there is inherent harm that can come up.

By far the most common side-effect of Soul Retrieval is that the practitioner simply doesn’t have any training in trauma and does not give appropriate aftercare. 

They do not know what to do if their “client” freaks out and/or they don’t know enough about trauma to know how to work with it gently and directly through a titration method, rather than an “everybody out of the pool” method where they bring back anything and everything they can get their hands on. In many of these cases the “shaman” will not know what to do, and will tell the person to go see a therapist (which may be excellent advice, by the way). In other cases the “shaman” doesn’t know what they don’t know and will tell them that things are integrating, or even blame the client, deflecting the blame onto them. This is where we get into the unfortunate gobbledygook that is so pervasive of “shamans” giving advice like “just think about love, love conquers all” or “imagine a white light, that will help” to a person who is experiencing the physiological and emotional effects of having a piece back that they were not prepared for, and the “shaman” doesn’t know enough to help them.

I advise anyone working with clients who have trauma to get trauma training. Experiencing trauma has very real physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects, and if you do not know anything about them you should not be working with trauma.

Before we go on, I do realize that most spiritual workers make mistakes. It happens. The correct response to making a mistake, or having a client freak out or express concern (even if it is not your fault) is to help them (within reason, of course). Learn how to track your work, and most of all take personal responsibility for your work. Thinking of love or light doesn’t solve anything if your client can’t get out of bed because you brought back too much for them to process, or you brought back something that they do not have the proper tools to process. It is not the clients fault. It is the spiritual practitioners. And they can either close themselves off, telling themselves that it was their clients shadow, or that they weren’t positive enough or thinking about enough love and light… or they can actually learn. Learn how to work with trauma. Learn how to be a better spiritual practitioner. Or stop being a spiritual practitioner if you do not want to learn these things.

The emails I get the most of are from the other two case studies, though. I may be biased because of this, because chances are that there are many of you who have had issues after Soul Retrieval, contacted your spiritual worker, and they helped. These are not the emails I receive. I receive emails from the people who went to “shamans” who are playing in the spiritual realms with no conception of what they are doing, and when the proverbial shit hits the fan they blame the client to save themselves. I get emails from people who realize that what was brought back wasn’t theirs, and the “shaman” lacks the tracking skills and humility to realize that they did something wrong, telling the person that all they need to do is “integrate their shadow” and they will be fine.

So why is this? Why does this happen? Soul Retrieval is a powerful thing. We section off trauma and overwhelming circumstances for a reason. Basically, anything that we were not able to process or were overwhelmed by at a point in our lives (or our ancestors, past lives, etc) we section off so that we can go about our day-to-day functioning. This is what Soul Retrieval works with- the restoration of these fragmented astral pieces, those places that we have sectioned off memories and traumas. 

But currently shamanic work is taught of as being “safe” and is taught as an off-shoot of pop-psychology and self-help mechanisms. People are not really taught anything about the spiritual realms, and when they are they are taught that it is all in their heads. This is so that “shamanism” can be mass marketed to people that have no capability of working or seeing into the spiritual realms. They think it is all psychology, because for them it is. They think it is all safe, because it is all self-created. 

But even if we were to think of everything as being self-created, there are some scary parts of ourselves, parts that could be threatening, angry, violent, self-destructive, primal, and so forth. Even if everything is “inside” of us that doesn’t make it safe. 

Safety is a marketing technique. It is how spiritual teachers can sleep at night teaching 150 students soul retrieval, possibly knowing that 149 of them have no shamanic abilities whatsoever.

I have said this before and I will say it again, it is really easy to get stuck in the illusions, marketing, and sort of surface level pop-psychology and self-help that is so perpetuated in this field. Spiritual work has disintegrated into simply “changing your story” or changing your thoughts as spiritual work. It has changed from actual spiritual work to mental work and creative visualization. It has changed from actual spiritual work to self-help work. 

It has done so because you are never going to sell out workshops, never going to sell your books and go on the bestseller list, never going to be famous, and never going to have a COO or CEO for your shamanic organization if you cater to actual spiritual workers. It just won’t happen.

So myths and illusions are perpetuated. And one of these is that spiritual work is safe. And contrarily, at the same time, that if you notice anything “spiritual” you need to “fear and clear” (my new catch phrase) it through saging (oddly not really a clearing tool, actually a consecration herb) because the “spiritual” is not intended to be here, and if it is noticed, it must be cleared.

And what happens is that we have thousands of practitioners who are just babies in their spiritual practices learning tools that can do harm. Like Soul Retrieval. And because they have been taught and repeat the new-ageisms of everything being “light and love” or that they are entitled to do whatever they want whenever they want simply because they want to be a “shaman” we have thousands of individuals doing ineffective or even harmful spiritual work.

The good aspect of this is that most of these practitioners simply won’t accomplish anything. They don’t have the power or the ability. They will just take their clients money without providing anything other than a decent story for their client. Which may actually be healing.

But there are some practitioners who traverse the mental realms, or even the spiritual realms, that can do real harm. Spiritual work isn’t safe. Mental work isn’t safe. Most practitioners do not learn how to properly discern energies (like spirits), how to properly track, or how to properly work with spiritual energy. They do not know anything about the physiological basis of trauma or proper aftercare.

Most practitioners do not actually believe in what they are doing. They are doing it as a rote exercise they learned over a weekend workshop. They might not actually believe in anything spiritual, or that anything spiritual actually exists. They may believe that everything is an aspect of you, or that everything is simply a psychological mechanism. And if they do believe in the spiritual realms they may be working with energies that are pretending to be something they are not, or more likely are self-creating a bunch of congratulatory spiritual “allies” out of disassociated aspects of themselves that tell them how wonderful they are.

Most practitioners believe these things because they do not have any experience otherwise. They do not have the direct experience of anything spiritual, or anything outside of their own head. And they are unable to critically think, or think for themselves to the point of questioning if they should be discerning spirits, or if they are ready to take on clients, or when a client comes back to them telling them that they feel something is wrong taking a cold, hard look at themselves and taking personal responsibility for what they have done. They just repeat back the new-ageisms and slogans that the shamanic corporations have given them and go on with their day.

To end, it does look like I am castigating an entire group of practitioners. There are excellent spiritual practitioners out there. Ones who are effective, ones that know what they are doing. Spiritual workers with the humility to check their work, to make appropriate referrals if need be, that do divination to ensure that the work they are doing will be well-received by the client, and that have the actual spiritual abilities, power, and presence to do transformational and profound work. One Soul Retrieval with one of these practitioners can be life changing. 

But in a world filled to the brim with self-help pop psychology life-coach type “shamans” they can be hard to find. It seems like for every 10,000 people who tell me they are doing spiritual or shamanic work, there are only 5 or 10 who know what they are doing, or are beyond surface level knowledge and understandings. And it can be even harder to find someone to “fix” or help you if you have gone to a practitioner and had something go wrong. There are a lot of wonderful spiritual workers out there, unfortunately many people have to go through many, many practitioners unable to help (who are unable to admit that they are unable to help typically), who just want to rip you off or have questionable ethics, or who do harmful work without realizing it.

Energetic Cording

When we have any sort of relationship with someone, we form an energetic cord to them. 

Some of these cords, such as to people who we have just met, the checkout person at the supermarket, and others who we have not shared experiences or shared any sort of kinship with, are likely small, thin, and harder to perceive.

Every person we come across, every person that has crossed our path is some seemingly insignificant way we have formed a cord to.

If we have never energetically worked with cords, the number of cords that we could have from these seemingly insignificant and meaningless encounters could number in the hundreds. Or the thousands.

Some of these cords naturally resolve. But others we need to take care of to maintain energetic hygiene.

What is energetic hygiene? It is the goal of being as clear as possible of other peoples’ stuff. Throughout our days, and our lives, we collect a lot of energy that is not ours– emotions, stressors, and cords are some of the most common things to stick to our energetic field (the area immediately surrounding our physical body) as well as inside our physical body.

We like to think of ourselves as concrete, physical creatures but we are simply energy. Condensed energy that is. Our physical bodies are nothing more than energy that has grouped together and condensed to create our physical form. So it is common for other energies– those from our environment, from other sources, and from other people to energetically take up some of our space when it shouldn’t.

Energy hygiene to me means that we have practices and tools to maintain our own physical bodies as solely ours. Tools to realize what energies are within us, surrounding us, or approaching us. Most of us do not have these skills and are dealing with the effects of energy that is not ours impacting us.

How do cords impact us? In insignificant relationships (which we may have hundreds or thousands of cords to) we may simply feel unclear, fatigued, or uncertain. We may be so used to having so many cords that we are used to this state. Most of us have not learned the tools to understand and work with energetic cords, how to discern what energies are impacting us (what is ours and what is not), and what to do about it.

In more significant relationships, where we have developed more significant cords/connections to the person, we may have a variety of symptoms that are more pronounced. Exacerbated fatigue, illness, feeling waves of emotion, suddenly recalling the person whom we are corded to even though our relationship has long passed, not being able to move past a relationship we may have had, or not being able to heal trauma or experiences from a current relationship.

Working with cords is one of the most important aspects of energy work you can do. There is nothing like the sudden clarity that comes from releasing one toxic cord, or hundreds of seemingly insignificant cords.

Working with cords can help you release emotions, past events, past relationships, and come to new understandings about who you are. The release of cords wrapped up in family situations, in friendships, or with lovers/relationships can help you heal significant relationships in your current life. The removal of cords to people of the past can help release hurt and simply move on in a powerful way in your life.

This subject is so important, and is rarely talked about beyond a beginning level. In order to help the most people with this I have developed a course called Basic and Intermediate Cord Cutting and Clearing.

This course will take you through the basics of what a cord is, how to sense them, and how to cut and clear them. In the intermediate section it goes over how to work with cords that remain and how to release them over time, or through understanding the emotions, experiences, lessons, and energies involved in significant cording. Also discussed is the phenomena of “energy vampires” and the basics of how to recognize this phenomena and how to empower yourself so you are not a victim of one.

This work is suggested for really anyone, but especially anyone who is sensitive, who does energy work or spiritual healing, or who interacts with a lot of people on a regular basis– especially people in the helping professions, such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, social workers, retail workers, teachers, and more.

It is available on Amazon kindle here, or you can purchase the course through me here. If you are outside of the U.S. and wish to purchase the course through me, simply contact me so you can purchase it through Paypal.

And, as always, if there is a particularly difficult cord that you are working with and need guidance or help healing, you can contact me to set up an appointment for us to work on it together.

And yes, an Advanced Cording Course is in the works. Stay tuned for more details!

Resistance and the Spiritual Path

I have now been a spiritual healer for over a decade professionally (and an energy worker for much longer than that). This has given me a chance to reflect on my personal path as well as the many clients and students that I have worked with over the years.

One of the most interesting understandings that has emerged has been around the subjects of control and resistance. Although this is true in many ways for the entirety of our existences, I am going to focus this (understandably) on the subject of resistance and the spiritual path, and spiritual healing in general.

I have found that people who in general are most in need of my help are often the most resistant. And before we logically assume that this is resistance to me as a person (which can happen, and I am not including this as part of my thoughts here) this often is a personal resistance to healing and progressing on their path.

As much as we outwardly maintain that we would like to progress, to move forward in our lives, there is a comfort in the known. There is a comfort in exactly where we are. Although we may purchase the books, talk about our spiritual path and take an active interest in it, and take the classes, many of us stay exactly who we were before these efforts, or only take very small steps forward.

There was a time in my life as a clinician that I thought that if I just became excellent at technique, becoming the best energy worker and bodyworker and acupuncturist and spiritual worker (etc) that I could heal anything and anyone. I frustratingly found that that was not true. I then thought that if I just attained enough spiritual power, both personally and externally, that I could heal anything and anyone. When that happened I also frustratingly found that it was not true. It certainly helps to have excellent techniques, hand skills, anatomical and energetic knowledge, varying degrees, and have worked for a long time at personal/spiritual power, but that doesn’t help in some cases.

Why is that? Well, there are some logical reasons here (I am not the right person for my client- although this doesn’t happen much these days as I do divination to see if I will even accept a client before hand; they are at the point of needing something invasive like surgery; they need a modality that I do not provide, they may need a different personality than my own such as a male provider) but the largest reason is resistance or readiness to only heal so much.

This is the reason why on one day I may see two clients and one of them has an amazing session where she reports her neck pain, back pain, stomach upset and low-grade depression gone after one session, and the other reports no change. There is a reason why one person via a 60 minute Skype call can attain massive healing for her entire ancestral line, the lifting of a curse, and a huge change in how she experiences her physical body in one session and the other with a former human attached to them (something easy to clear and work with in my world) reports that they didn’t leave after.

And while this, at first glance, can sound like client blaming of sorts, it is not. All of us have unhealed wounds, trauma, physical/emotional/energetic and spiritual issues that could use work. Some of us are in worse shape than others, but I have never met someone who is entirely whole. So, basically, we all have stuff to work on. And it is our choice if we decide to do so or not. 

Of course, there are other considerations here (and I know these will be brought up). If someone has stage 4 cancer or is struggling with Fibromyalgia to the extent that they cannot get out of bed, it is difficult to have the energy or ability to work on oneself and take steps forward. When someone is struggling with depression they may be in the abyss to such an extent that they feel that nobody likes them and that nobody will want to help them. In those extremes, it is enough effort just to get through the day intact… to survive a day or a moment.

But for the rest of us, those of us not holding on by our fingernails to the side of a mountain, we can recognize and work with our resistance.

  • What would happen if we were entirely open to life?
  • What would happen if we did not so narrowly define ourselves, who we are and what we are capable of in this world?
  • What would happen if we were to open our thinking to the extent that we could intake other information that is foreign or opposite of what we currently think without vilification, gossip, anger, emotion, or other means of attempting to ignore it or shut it down?
  • What would happen if we didn’t think so poorly about ourselves, our physical bodies, and our health?
  • What if we knew that our bodies are capable of self-healing and of healing even the most difficult physical, emotional, and spiritual patterns?
  • What if we knew the last sentence, and what would happen if we allowed it to happen quickly?
  • What if we were to rise above the memes, the thoughts of others, the meaningless repetition of words and sayings that we have been given by others, or we have handed to ourselves?

The biggest resistance that we have is our minds. We only allow ourselves to move forward so much, to heal so much, because we are afraid of the unknown. We do not like the present, but our minds have convinced us that it is known, and thereby we have some sort of safety and control over it, so that is better than any alternative.

Despite our best efforts, many of us are stumbling around, completely closed off to any changes in our lives. We are endlessly repeating the thoughts and understandings of others like zombies, not able to critically think (a subject for a different blog), or have an original though, because to do so would mean fear and danger to our minds which only want us to have a narrow, confined existence.

Most of us are who we are, and we are not open to changing that, even if who we are is depressed, lonely, angry, broke, fearful, ill, traumatized, or closed off. Anything that reminds us that we do not have to be this way causes us to lash out– becoming angry, gossiping, vilifying the perceived “enemy”, and closing ourselves off to the information, ideas, understandings, and even the healing methods that would allow for us to open and experience ourselves on a newer, wholer, more embodied level.

In my practice I have a lot of faith in people. There are many people who find me who have been searching for a long time. They are ready to heal, ready to move beyond who they know themselves to be, ready to move beyond the new-ageisms and canned fake spirituality that is omnipresent and repeated unknowingly and unthinkingly by the majority. They are ready to become who they truly are, and to let go of who they are not. Helping people who are ready to move one step forward, or five, or thirty, is always a pleasure.

But I do get sad sometimes about those I see struggling so hard… those with so much resistance, with so much fear. Those who are just repeating meaningless words from new-ageisms endlessly without being able to think an original thought, those who create drama and gossip and judge anything that is out of their own zone of safety and comfort in this world. I have compassion and understanding for people who are so asleep that they do not realize that their minds are creating endless difficulties for them, keeping them exactly where they are, and lashing out at anything that could possibly take them further towards openness, healing, or further on their spiritual path.

I do understand how hard it is to change, to grow. To look at your world, your beliefs, your understandings, and realize that you could be more vitally who you really are in this world. Healing can be difficult, but for anyone looking to take that one step, or five, I thank you. For anyone who is willing to look and understand and see outside of their safety zone of illusion, I thank you. For anyone who is willing to think critically, to question their reality, and to look beyond what they are given, I thank you. You are truly making this world a better place, a more beautiful world to live in. And your courage is remarkable.

The Dangers of Soul Retrieval Part One

Eloise (fake name, of course) contacted me because she felt something was really wrong spiritually. She had received a “soul retrieval” from a “shaman” six weeks prior, and since then her life had gone rapidly downhill.

She was initially interested in soul retrieval because of a bad breakup four years prior. She had the classic symptoms of someone who had never gotten over that point– still thinking about the relationship after many years, inability to get into a new relationship, and a feeling of a part of herself still being her younger (well four years younger, which matters a lot in your twenties) self.

After she received her “soul retrieval” she felt like something was wrong but reasoned that since it was a spiritual appointment that it wasn’t unusual to feel a bit off. However, over the next few days she realized that something was terribly wrong. Eloise had never been depressed or prone to any type of mental imbalance but she began to feel extremely suicidal. So much so that as a logical person she reached out to friends and family and told them that she was worried about the sudden feelings of wanting to harm herself.

She contacted her “shaman” and the “shaman” (yes, I am using a lot of quotes for a reason) told her that it must be a part of her “shadow” coming out and that it was something that needed to simply integrate, and told her to walk on grass and go out into nature to integrate her “shadow”.

A friend came over and they decided that she should get a psychiatric evaluation to ensure that she was safe. She was admitted to the hospital, spending two days in the psychiatric unit. She was put on medication, given talk therapy, and participated in groups with people that were significantly mentally ill.

After she got out she realized that she was not like the other people that she met in the hospital, and was given my name and email address to contact. I quickly realized that she had an energy attached to her that was not her– it was that of a suicidal young woman. We cleared the former human, but Eloise was left with the traumatic experiences she had endured due to the experience of being admitted to a psychiatric hospital (as well as that fact permanently being on her health records) and was extremely and understandably shaken by the whole ordeal.She also had to deal with the fact that she was now on a psychiatric medication that was somewhat difficult for her to get off of.

Brandy (yes, name changed again) contacted me because she had enough spiritual experience to realize that something was attached to her after a soul retrieval appointment. From just one “soul retrieval” from a “shamanic practitioner” she began experiencing really odd experiences around her home, and feeling physical sensations that she knew were not coming from her in origin.

She contacted me and in tracking the energy it was understood that a trickster energy had noticed that this “shamanic practitioner” did not really know what they were doing but was stirring up a bunch of spiritual energy performing “soul retrievals” and the like, and wanted to influence and entertain themselves through being a part of sessions. The practitioner of course had no idea that this was happening. When Brandy came in for the appointment the trickster quickly realized that it was getting bored and noted that Brandy actually had spiritual abilities and attached to her by appearing as a “soul piece” to the practitioner. It took us three appointments to get her rid of this energy over the course of three weeks. Meantime she had difficulty sleeping and strange physical and mental symptoms.

Michael went in for a soul retrieval because of significant childhood trauma. He was molested as a small child, and felt like his life went off track since that point. He had difficulty having intimate relationships and kept those around him at bay. He had a soul retrieval prior with a spiritual worker that helped him release trauma from a situation he had had as a teenager, and he was excited to continue the work. He had moved since the first soul retrieval, which was a few years prior, and so he looked up someone in his town who performed the service.

When he went in the new “shaman” said they brought back five pieces, all of difficult childhood traumas. Michael was excited to hear this, but when he went home he began to feel a well of rage come up in him. He began punching the walls in his apartment, fracturing a finger. He had the urge to flee or burn down his apartment, but at the same time he felt intense grief pour out of him to the extent that he could not move.

He spent the next three weeks in bed in a state of despair. He had memories of his childhood come up that he had not remembered, and could not cope with. He began drinking heavily and watching hours upon hours of television. Over the next three months he lost his job and his days were mainly him with a bottle and his television.

Six months later he began to have flashes of realization that what had happened was a direct result of the soul retrieval that he had from the “shaman”. Although he was still drinking and unemployed, he found me online and we set up a series of appointments to work through the issues that had been created by the “shaman” doing the retrieval.

He is now in AA and is learning meditation to gather the tools he needs to work through some of the trauma he has experienced.

In this case, the “shaman” was technically someone who was spiritually capable (a distinct difference from the first two examples). But because the spiritual worker had little experience with trauma, they were unable to help Michael because they brought back issues that he was not ready to deal with, which obviously had disastrous effects.

In Part One, we have gone over case studies of some of the people I have worked with who have suffered as a result of “shamans” performing “soul retrieval”.

In Part Two I will discuss how frequently and unfortunately I get contacted by people like this, how/why this happens, and how to tell if you have had a soul retrieval that needs to be corrected… or worked with by a more competent practitioner.

I will also discuss my thoughts on why core “shamanism” is presented as safe in terms of soul retrieval, why too many people are playing in realms that they do not understand and feel confident in doing so, why many “shamanic practitioners” grasp onto the idea that there is nothing outside the self (and everything else is lumped in with the “shadow”… which doesn’t mean what they think it does), and the harm that is created by many practitioners working with deep traumas and emotions without any sort of trauma or body-based training. I also will talk a bit about one of my specialties, which is corrective work– or essentially healing the effects of the work of other “shamans” and spiritual practitioners.

Clinical Treatment of Kundalini Awakenings utilizing CranioSacral Therapy

One of the first blogs I ever wrote was about how helpful CranioSacral Therapy could be for Kundalini awakenings. When I was going through a Kundalini awakening my ability to process all of what was coming up (which was a lot, and is for most people truly experiencing a Kundalini awakening) my exploration of body based practices, such as CranioSacral therapy was of immense help… and I believe got me through the difficult aspects of the experience much more quickly. This is especially evident because I am frequently contacted by people who have been undergoing difficult Kundalini awakenings for decades who are still stuck at a certain stage of awakening. I truly believe that if many of them received CranioSacral therapy their physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual situations would drastically change.

It is eight years since I first wrote that blog, which you can access here (and could use a bit of updating on my part). The first blog is intended for the layperson who is going through a Kundalini awakening and would like to hear about CranioSacral Therapy as a treatment option. Since I have many clinicians who have had some, or a lot, of CranioSacral or Osteopathic training who are getting clients undergoing Kundalini awakenings, and who contact me seeking advice, I thought that I would write a general blog about how to approach Kundalini awakenings clinically utilizing CranioSacral therapy.

You can read the basics about what a Kundalini awakening actually is, including basic signs and symptoms here. If you would like more details about the Kundalini process, you can simply type in “Kundalini” into the search function and find a fair number of my blogs on it. Or you can buy my book through Amazon, which details many different types of spiritual awakenings, including Kundalini.

But to be brief, Kundalini is a latent energy in most people located at the base of the spine. It is coiled up like a snake between the area of the tip of the coccyx and the perineum. When it arises, or awakens, it uncoils from latency and rises up the spine, clearing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages that are in its path. As people versed in bodywork and CranioSacral therapy know, we store unprocessed, or unresolved physical/emotional/mental/spiritual issues in our bodies. When someone experiences a Kundalini awakening all (or much) of the unprocessed material begins clearing out. This is because Kundalini has risen to the area of the body where these issues are stored.

Kundalini arises through the spine until it hits significant blockage, in which case it will go back to latency (in some cases), but in the case of the full Kundalini awakening (rather than a temporary stirring of the energy) it will be a wave-like energy, rising again and again in sometimes gentle waves, and sometimes with the heat and urgency of an exploding volcano.

Clinically, the rising of Kundalini brings up unresolved physical and emotional issues. Physically, the release of such a large force locally in the perineum (called the Kanda point) and at the coccyx where the energy is coiled will create a lot of heat and discomfort locally. It is well known that people have a variety of pelvic floor issues, as well as low back (sacrum/coccyx) imbalances, and these will be exacerbated while the energy is uncoiling. It is important clinically to not only focus on the area of discomfort, but to support and release the entirety of the reciprocal tension membrane, the dural tube, and the structures that comprise the entirety of what is known as the “craniosacral system” including the associated osseous components, meninges, and soft tissue/fascia.

Of particular importance in working with Kundalini awakenings is the fluid systems of the body. Since Kundalini is such a “fire” based energy (except for rare cases where it presents as cold… but for most people it is like having an internal volcano) having the ability to work directly with the flow of CSF as well as the tides of the body, such as balancing the mid-tide and allowing for expression of the long tide and the embodiment wave (for biodynamic practitioners) will allow for primal elements (fire and water) to balance and find expression… and will allow for the client to resolve in utero experiences in a profound way (they may not realize this consciously of course) and come to a positive place with the idea of their Kundalini arising as well as experience energies coming together to support them, instead of the fatigue and fear that typically come with Kundalini awakenings and the feeling of it being an antagonistic force.

If I were to put this simply, while treating the physical pains that inevitably come up while “clearing” during the Kundalini awakening process, the craniosacral system must be balanced as a whole, otherwise the energy does not have a clear pathway up and will just create further physical issues, and the chief complaint of the client during the session is likely to be resolved as the energy can temporarily move in a freer manner, but without balance as a whole the energy will re-stagnate in the area again.

It is extremely important while treating Kundalini to realize that the physical and emotional are inseparable. It will not be shocking to anyone that is an experienced bodyworker that emotional issues arise during bodywork, or that emotional issues create physical blockages. While working to resolve the whole host of physical issues that the client is presenting with, it is very likely that emotions will arise and need to be tended to. The purpose of a Kundalini awakening is not to create physical pain. The client has physical pain as a result of past physical blockages (broken bones, injuries, physical imbalances and stressors) and the energy is simply trying to get a clear pathway through.

But beyond physical reasons emotional issues, past trauma, and even emotions not of the immediate lifetime (family patterns, ancestral issues, societal emotions/patterns, and so forth) arise during Kundalini awakenings. These are fully present and in fact are the likely cause of many of the physical issues that are presenting. Without creating a safe place in the treatment room where the client can fully release difficult and strong emotions alongside the physical aspects of care, the local area where Kundalini is attempting to clear is likely to be fully, or somewhat unresolved. This means that the energy cannot rise further because it still needs to process emotions and experiences in a localized area and it has not been able to yet. When an area is clear of emotions and somewhat clear of physical issues (enough so there is a clear, or somewhat clear pathway to rise further up the spine) it will do so. If Kundalini is stagnated in a particular area creating severe issues that are not able to be resolved, there needs to be a questioning of if you are the correct practitioner for the person, or if they may need another modality, such as psychotherapy, to release some of the emotional issues.

Beyond balancing the system and creating space and neutrality for the expression of the physical and emotional components of Kundalini awakening, the most important thing is to remember not to “do” anything to your client who is having a Kundalini awakening. 

What does this mean? It is typical for people undergoing a Kundalini awakening to go to all sorts of gurus and meditation/yoga teachers at first in seeking to understand and resolve this energy. Since most (if not all) of these practitioners/teachers are not body based, they will teach them meditations and breathing exercises, or if they are unfamiliar with the energy will tell them that they cannot help them (or that it is all in their head). It is rare for any of these teachers to know what they are talking about, and many of them cause further detriment and confusion to those that they guide. This is especially true because their work is not body-based and is focused on the mental constructs, not the emotional. Any work that seeks to force this energy to do anything will cause issues for those experiencing a Kundalini awakening.

Kundalini is a conscious energy, meaning that it knows what it wants to do. It has an agenda. It wants to rise up the spine (at least at first). It is easy to impose ideas, understandings, and philosophies onto the energy. If this happens Kundalini views this as resistance, and will not respond kindly. Any type of forceful physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual work that does not happen in concert with the energy will be viewed as antagonistic, and is likely to cause a lot of issues for the experiencer. This is why many people truly experiencing Kundalini do not seek out help… because they are afraid that a practitioner will make things worse for them… because they likely have gone to a guru or bodyworker or whomever and their situation has become worse.

So neutrality and listening to the inner consciousness, the inner silence of the body is what is needed. Holding space is what is needed. This energy knows what it wants to do, it knows how it needs to do it. It does not need to be told, scolded, or directed in what to do and how to be. All the person with a Kundalini awakening needs is someone to hold space for an immense amount of release and rebalancing. For someone to be okay with crying, with grief erupting, for anger to arise that they might not know where it came from. For the body to twist and move and torque and vibrate with releases and to be in a safe place to do so. For a practitioner to be experienced enough to recognize why the Kundalini is not arising more- to be informed enough of the physical body and the craniosacral system that you understand what the fascia might need, what the dural membrane is doing, that the coccyx is out of alignment, that the fluid systems of the body would like to be heard, that the wave forms and energies of the body can be seen/heard/felt.

When a practitioner deeply understands the physical body and its many components to be able to really listen and work with the varying layers and expressions, when the CranioSacral practitioner is experienced enough that their abilities shine through, when the practitioner is confident and experienced enough to know that holding space and creating silence for the body to reorganize in a profound way is more than enough to do without “doing” anything else because we feel we should as practitioners, and when we have enough experience as practitioners in our own inner work that we can hold space for emotional releases with maturity and safety, we can help people undergoing difficult (or even not-difficult) Kundalini awakenings in a profound way.

Craniosacral really is one of the best modalities I have come across for Kundalini awakenings. I have explored many, many modalities, meditation/breathing techniques, spiritual work, thoughtform/mental constructs (you catch my drift) and the ability of CranioSacral therapy to directly tap into the organizing energies of the body, the wave forms, the in utero experience and fluid systems of the body, the physical body as a whole (instead of its parts) with the focus on the spine (where this energy arises, at least at first), and the ability of it to see the spiritual-energetic-emotional-mental-physical simply as a continuum instead of separate things allows for us, as Craniosacral practitioners, to truly help people through this experience.

If you are someone who is experiencing Kundalini and is reading this, know that CranioSacral therapy can help you. Like any modality/expression, it is important to find someone who is experienced (I suggest people who have been through a 2-4 year training in Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy or have reached Advanced coursework with certification through the Upledger Institute… there are unfortunately a lot of courses out there and a lot of practitioners who have minimal training in this modality and think it is a series of steps to do). It is important to find someone who is interested and able to hold space for you to rebalance in the manner that you need to. It is not necessary for your practitioner to have experienced a Kundalini awakening themselves (although that would be incredible, of course) but just that they have the experience listed above and that you feel safe with them.