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The 12 Rules of Awakened Human Beings

What does an awakened state really mean? It is common to discuss awakening and then being awakened, or enlightened, as if it was an end goal or place to reach. In reality we are all awakened. Some of us simply remember this fact. Most of us do not. Most of us have coverings, masks, stories, and all sorts of beliefs, rules, and illusions that are covering this fact up.

When we are awakening, or remembering our true state, we have a tendency to create more rules and illusions for ourselves. Our true state, an awakened state, is that of full realization of who we are and our full power. We feel the flow of divinity and realize our purpose here. We have cleared out the masks and the illusions of our lives. Life is simple, and we have let go of the seeker mentality. We have found.

In the awakening and non-awakened states we create complications, unnecessary obstacles, and attach complex meanings to simple things. Although it may seem delightfully contrary to create a list of rules for an awakened state, here are some that I have found that serve to show the difference from the awakening state:

  1. There are no rules. Funny for a rules list, I realize… In the awakening state we create all sorts of rules for ourselves. What sort of diet to follow, what habits we should have, even what certain animals, symbols, spirits, deities, and other spiritual happenings mean. More than that we come from a place of judgement- if someone else is not eating a raw food diet they are a savage who is not awakened. If someone does not think and do as we do they are not as good as we are. Awakened people realize there are no rules. There are no static meanings to the universe. One hand is not the “healing hand” and the other the receiving, your root chakra is not a specific color just because you have learned it that way, and animals, spirits, and the symbology of the universe do not follow specific rules or ascribed meanings. There is a realization in the awakened state that everything is flow, that everything is simple, and that everything is filtered through your own experiences. Rules are an illusion. They confine us to basic understandings of the universe. They make us feel safe and as if we can know everything in the universe.
  2. We do not know everything. In awakening states it is common to feel as if you know everything. You have read the books, met the gurus, or have become a teacher or guru yourself. In an awakened state there is constant awe, constant deepening of knowledge. There is a realization of however much you know there is way more out there that you do not. There is an openness to exploring and unfolding in the awakened state that allows for whatever illusions, masks, or rules that we have created to be shattered or dissolved on a daily if not weekly basis.
  3. An awakened state is not an end point. There is an illusion in awakening that being awakened is an end state. This is not true. If anything it is the beginning. In the awakened state you simply lose the linear line- going from point A to point Z. You just unfold. Nothing more to seek, nothing more to do. You just follow the flow.
  4. Everything is simple. In awakening states everything is still complicated. You create elaborate stories about your awakening and the shifts and realizations of going up the proverbial spiritual elevator, or becoming more awakened, creates pain and discomfort. In awakening everything has a complex spiritual reason- from the moon cycle to astrological cycles to personal initiations. In an awakened state things simply are. You go from a place of reaction to spiritual cycles to a simple noticing. Even if weather patterns, emotions, or other things cause personal issues you just accept them as they are.
  5. The background of the world is Love. In awakening it is thought that if we are awakened we will always be in a place of joy, of pure bliss. In the awakening process many of us have felt ecstatic states. While it is true that divine flow and that an awakened state is a place of great love, and dare I say bliss, this may be in the foreground or the background of an awakened state. This means that you can have grief and bliss, rage and love, depression, isolation and ecstasy occurring simultaneously. The holding of two seemingly contrary states is difficult to understand for most people as we think in terms of black or white. But it is one of the things most noticeable in an awakened state.
  6. There is no more black and white, this or that thinking. In an awakened state we can hold two seemingly contrary states, ideas, understandings, or pieces of knowledge at the same time.
  7. There is no more seeking. In an awakened state the desire to read, to quote teachers, to look for external knowledge is always present. While awakened people certainly still have external sources of knowledge they go to, it becomes simply interesting material instead of the basis of who they are. They no longer need anyone to define them. They no longer need quotes from books, teachers, gurus, or organizations to tell them who they are or who they should be. All of their real knowledge comes from an internal place.
  8. There is power. Awakening people are afraid of their power. They are typically afraid of spiritual power as well. Awakened people access the whole of themselves, their power, and are able to interface with spiritual power outside of themselves. There is a realization that you are a part of the oneness and massiveness of spiritual flow, of spiritual power, but also a unique individual with their own path and their own power.
  9. There is full realization of who you truly are. The awakened person fully remembers. They know who they are. This is knowledge past the temporary human body identification, past who society, your family, and who you want you to be. You are who you are. There is realization and acceptance of that in the awakened state. There is no more hiding, no more making excuses. It becomes quite simple to simply be who you are.
  10. You are fully integrated. In the awakening states it is easy to go to a state of spiritual bypass. It is easy to become ego-based or caught up in creating more illusions. It is easy to separate your physical body, your daily life, from your spiritual self. In the awakened state you are grounded in your body, you are integrated mind-body-spirit. You live your awakened state out in your daily, very human life. You realize you are embodied for a reason, and the awakened state flows through into your ordinary, embodied reality. There is no more separation.
  11. You realize the human experience is important, that feelings and emotions are important. You realize that we are meant to be sensate creatures. We are intended to feel pain, anger, grief, joy, and the whole gamut of human emotions and experiences. We are dark, we are light, we are male and female… everything in the awakened state that we seek to separate (like shadow side and light side, male and female) is integrated. We realize that we are intended to feel the full range of human emotions and do not shy away from them or pretend that simply because we are spiritual, or awakened, that we do not suffer, or feel pain or grief.
  12. Things are simple. Very simple. In an awakened state you simply do things or you do not do them. There are no more illusions about doing things next week, or if only you could meditate more or exercise more or lose 15 pounds or eat raw vegan food you would be more awakened. If you feel called to do things you do them. Simple. If you feel the pull to do something and you don’t do it you simply do not do it. Simple. No excuses, simply personal responsibility for your life and your actions. Endless thoughts stop and the world becomes a simple place of “yes” or “no”. It is peaceful and simple.

And finally, if you are awakened you may notice yourself in the above list. You may not. Either is okay. All knowledge is a catalyst to your own inner process. Or it isn’t. Or it both is and isn’t at the same time. I wrote the list above as a sort of commentary to all of the rules lists of awakening I have seen. These rules, even on this list, can further confine you, further create a prison of illusions. Realize that you can have peace, you can have an end to endless seeking and quest to find “the truth”. The war can be over. But peace and lack of struggle does not mean you will be devoid of emotions or constantly happy. Those are further prisons and illusions. To fully experience remembering who you are as well as experience the full range of the human experience integrated is a very rare thing.